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5 tips on how to Really relax this summer

Updated: Jul 12

Summer has just started, and the children are on holiday. A lot of us have some time off, and that’s the best time to relax. So how does that usually feel like we didn’t really rest? There are multiple reasons for it. Here are some tips I’ve collected to help you truly relax this summer-

1) Connect with nature-

Spend time outside and enjoy nature. It's well-known that being in nature has a relaxing effect on us. Whether it’s the beach, forest, lake or any other natural setting you enjoy, find time to go there. Remember, when you are there, to really be there. Experience the moment—listen to the sounds around you, smell the fresh air, see the beauty, and cherish it. 

2) Put your phone aside-

It’s common for us to think that using our phones is relaxing, but in reality, it can be quite the opposite. This summer try to spend less time on your phone. Make an effort to be more present and enjoy the moment without distractions. 

3) Find time to be alone-

 I know it can be challenging with the kids at home during the summer, but it’s important. Spending time alone can have a significant impact on your mental health. It’s a chance to reflect, get to know yourself better, and it's definitely a relaxing activity. 

4) Plan Fun Activities with the Family-

Believe it or not, you can also relax with your kids! Think of fun and relaxing activities to do together—maybe a “spa day” at home, a picnic in the garden, or a trip to the beach. Make sure to organize everything beforehand so you can fully enjoy and relax during the activity.

5) Schedule time for Relaxation-

 We often believe that an organized schedule is too strict and doesn’t allow for rest, but an organized agenda can actually give you more free time. This time can be truly relaxing because you know exactly when you’ll complete tasks. Remember to schedule time for yourself and time to do nothing but rest.

6) Extra tip-

Everyone finds relaxation in different activities. Experiment with various methods to discover which one works best for you. If you have more ideas on how to relax this summer, please share them with me 😊


Even when it seems like there are too many things to do, It’s still important to prioritize relaxation. Without rest, it will be much harder to be there for others, and you may eventually breakdown. To live well, we need to take good care of ourselves and rest. Don’t forget this summer to relax, take time for yourself, and take good care of yourself.

You deserve it!

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