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My Journey with Change

A few years ago, after the birth of my son, my journey of transformation began. We all know that having children changes your life, and for me, it certainly did. But it wasn't just an external change, it was a profound internal transformation. It made me second guess every thought and belief that I had,

it made me reformulate my self. 

The change touched many aspects of my life, but the most significant were related to body image issues and self-love.

Since I was a young girl, I struggled with body image issues. I felt that my body was not normal and tried countless diets throughout my life. I constantly thought about what I eat, why, when and the consequences of it. As part of my transformation, I began questioning everything, including my body image. I asked myself why do I feel that way and how does it serve me and realized that it was only society standards and the media that made me believe that my body wasn’t ok. So, I started working hard on changing this mindset.

It was amazing to feel the change, to see how much mental space this issue had occupied, and how freeing it felt to let it go.

The self love aspect for me was especially about putting myself first, teaching myself to take space, taking good care of myself and allowing myself to lean on others. It took a lot of inner work, getting to know myself better, practicing self love, talking about it with others and allowing myself to speak up. 

It’s a journey that never ends, with the beginning being the hardest part. But if you commit to it and work hard,  it leads to a wonderful feeling.

Going through this change and witnessing its amazing effect on my life made me want to help as many women as I can  with similar issues! 

I really do believe that each and every woman can truly love herself and feel confident, it just requires some inner work! So that’s my mission- to empower women towards a life full of self love.

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